There are some Guatemalan fruits that are impossible to translate into English; jocote is one of them.

Jocotes are a member of the cashew family. The fruit tree is indigenous to Central America and grows wild throughout Guatemala. They are green and red fruit the size of a very small egg. Although small, jocotes pack a punch and are flavorfully addicting.

Jocotes are a fruit that can be enjoyed at any stage during the ripening process. When the skin is yellow/red the jocote will be sweet and ripe, tasting of citrus and mango. You can also enjoy a jocote with a green skin signaling that it is not fully ripened. The green jocotes are mouth puckeringly tart and most Guatemalans will add a dash of salt in an attempt to balance the acidity and tart flavors.

The skin is the thickness of a plum skin but it is very tender, making it easy and pleasant to chew. There is a seed inside, so be mindful as your teeth tear through it. Jocotes can be enjoyed fresh or in dish like Jocotes en Miel which consists of the fresh fruit soaked in a spiced syrup.