Meet Arianna, the Owner-Operator of Taste Antigua

Having an intense fondness for Latin America, this born and raised Texan took a gamble after Graduate School and moved my life down to Guatemala in the summer of 2013.

Growing up, I was always in the kitchen with my Dad, and from an early age I was transfixed by the creativity and freedom one has in the kitchen. My love affair with food started early, and continued to follow me around the globe. From Latin America to Asia, through Europe and into Africa, I sought out the food of each region. Street food dazzled me; it appealed to my adventurous side while captivating my cravings. My first food tour was in Hanoi Vietnam. I ended that tour with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Vietnamese culture. It opened my eyes in such a way that I could no longer separate a country from its food.

After moving down to Guatemala, I immediately dove into the food scene. I ate street food for 6 months, relishing in dishes I had never heard of before. I delved into extensive food research and was hooked. Here were dishes that were simple but complex, and bursting with flavors.

It quickly became apparent that the world was missing out on the opportunity to become intimate with Guatemalan food. Even tourists who arrived in droves to Antigua, had no means to try typical dishes. Their only hope was eating at a scattering of higher-end Guatemalan restaurants and blindly picking from the menu. Something had to change, and I was just the girl to do it.

Originally called Antigua Street Food Tour, I designed a food tour that allowed tourists to get into the nitty-gritty details of Guatemalan dishes, their ingredients, and preparation methods. The concept quickly developed and has now called for a make over. Taste Antigua was born and now features more food tour offerings for our clients. We are continuing to evolve in hopes of providing fun and unforgettably yummy experiences to anyone who enjoys food.