About the Tours

Taste Antigua was founded in August 2014 and we are proud to be the original food tours of Antigua. These tours began from the founder's passion of sustanable community development, as well as her passion for food around the world. We are grateful for the chance to share with you our discoveries and help spread the word on the amazing culinary treasures that can be found on almost every street in the colonial city of Antigua. Formerly known as "Antigua Street Food Tour," Taste Antigua has expanded to offer our clients new tours and new opportunities to experience the food scene in Antigua. We are constantly looking for ways to bring the flavors of Guatemalan food into the lives of each person passing through. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you on the tour and hope to provide you with a unique learning experience; and most of all, one that you will never forget.




About the Founder

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Arianna moved to Antigua, Guatemala in June 2013. With a background in Non-Profit work in South America, and after finishing her Master’s degree at Tulane University in International Development, she focused her sights on finding a way to give back to the community in Guatemala. While exploring ideas, Arianna thrived on the street food scene in Antigua for 6 months. She quickly realized that not enough tourists had the opportunity to explore this side of Guatemala. Having fond memories of participating in her first food tour experience in Hanoi, Vietnam, Arianna wanted to provide travelers with the same opportunity and joy she experienced in Vietnam. Many tourists do not have the luxury of 6 months of food research, so she quickly went to setting up a food tour that people could enjoy, learn from, and dive deeper into the Guatemalan culture. Today, Arianna enjoys meeting new people from around the world and connects with her non-profits roots in giving back to the local community through Taste Antigua's sustainable food tourism model.

Currently, Arianna is working on other culinary tours. She loves traveling, photography, soccer, and of course, eating and cooking. When not giving food tours or working, Arianna is probably prepping for dinner parties, or rummaging around the market for unique finds.